Physical Conditioning (ACT) facilitates students developing a fitness routine geared to their individual needs for lifetime fitness. All Cecil College Physical Education courses are designed to provide educational opportunities that empower students to practice lifelong positive health behaviors. In particular, this course will prepare students to participate in a wide variety of health and skill related activities. Additional topics to be covered include: assessing physical fitness and nutrition status, goal setting, and FITT principles. An individual workout routine, developed by the student and instructor, will be followed throughout the course. 2 credits   View Syllabus (pdf)

Pricing and availability for this course are subject to change.

Credits:  2
Tuition:   Cecil County Residents - $218
  Other Maryland Residents - $406
  Non-Maryland Residents - $502
  Course Fees:  $30
  Registration Fee*:  $75/semester
  Student Development Fee**:  $8/credit hour
  *$35 discount on registration fee for early registrations
  **Not charged for Summer session or approved senior citizens

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