PED 135  -  FIRST AID AND CPR Course Search  

First Aid and CPR will provide students with the opportunity to learn the skills needed to act quickly and effectively in the case of an accident or emergency situation. Students participate in various simulated injury and emergency situations. Students may achieve American Red Cross certification in Adult, Child and Infant CPR and First Aid. 3 credits   View Syllabus (pdf)

Pricing and availability for this course are subject to change.

Credits:  3
Tuition:   Cecil County Residents - $327
  Other Maryland Residents - $609
  Non-Maryland Residents - $753
  Course Fees:  $30
  Registration Fee*:  $75/semester
  Student Development Fee**:  $8/credit hour
  *$35 discount on registration fee for early registrations
  **Not charged for Summer session or approved senior citizens

PED 135 01 W08/25/18-12/15/1818:30-21:20MAIN PE E218 RATLIFF