Care of Childbearing/Childrearing Families focuses on the introduction and use of Family Systems Theory in addition to the nursing process and the Neuman Systems Model in the study of childbearing/childrearing families. Study will include developmental/normal and complex stressors affecting individual, family, and community systems, coupled with the nursing implications for assisting these clients to attain, maintain, or regain optimal level of wellness. 4 credits Pre-requisites: BIO200, BIO209, BIO210, BIO219, NUR105, NUR 115. Co-requisites: NUR 211, PSY 201.   View Syllabus (pdf)

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Credits:  4
Prerequisites:  NUR 105 ,  BIO 200 ,  BIO 209 ,  BIO 210 ,  BIO 219 ,  NUR 115
Corequisites:  NUR 211 ,  PSY 201
Tuition:   Cecil County Residents - $436
  Other Maryland Residents - $812
  Non-Maryland Residents - $1004
  Course Fees:  $230
  Registration Fee*:  $75/semester
  Student Development Fee**:  $8/credit hour
  *$35 discount on registration fee for early registrations
  **Not charged for Summer session or approved senior citizens

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