This course, designed for current Medical Assistant students, introduces basic principles of psychology and how they are applied in a patient care setting. This course emphasizes Maslow’s Hierarchy, stages of grief, and mental health recognizing patients' psychological state, assessing levels of need and applying appropriate situational and therapeutic responses. Additional focus will be on developing a solid understanding of self and others to help clients with their different needs, as well as looking at society’s responses and reactions. Topics covered, but not limited to, include: HIV/AIDS, psychological and personality disorders, autism, schizophrenia, gender identity crisis, phobias, PTSD, anxiety, suicide, abuse (physical, sexual, mental), stress, depression, and addiction.

Pricing and availability for this course are subject to change.

Sessions:  12
Notes:  No class 11/23 (Thanksgiving)
Tuition:  $225
Course Fees:  $100

Schedule not available for the current term.