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This is the final Paramedic Program course provided to students who have completed the Paramedic Program classroom/lab/clinical curriculum. The student will perform as the ďTeam LeaderĒ while under the supervision of a clinical field preceptor. During the Capstone rotation, the student will be responsible for independently interviewing and assessing patients and determining the correct treatment plan and transport need for patients. The student will be required to maintain situational awareness and control of the scene at all times. The student will be responsible for the control and direction of fellow EMS providers. The student will complete patient charts, provide pass down of patient care, and demonstrate interactions with patients, caregivers, allied health professionals and their crewmembers. Students will demonstrate safe and competent, psychomotor and communication skills necessary for client/patient care. Students will be assigned shifts with the paramedic preceptors in Cecil County. In addition to the Capstone rotation this course also includes the studentís required final written and practical formative exams. The written exam is considered a formal summative exam of the studentís knowledge at the end of the program. It is designed to evaluate the studentís ability to manage simulated patients given a particular problem and to test the students overall understanding of the Paramedic Program Curriculum. The practical exam is considered a formal summative exam, that is completed in the presence of the programs medical director and program director or designees. It is designed to evaluate the studentís ability to manage a simulation patient (live or manikin) appropriately and to perform skills appropriately and safely within the required guidelines. Successful completion of the Capstone rotation, written and practical exam is required for successfully completion of the Paramedic Program and for the student to be eligible to take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic Psychomotor and Cognitive exams.

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