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This course, designed for current Medical Assistant, Physician Professional Coder and Medical Administrative Assistant students, reviews computer use in the medical office environment. This course emphasizes the use of Microsoft Office products, email, internet, printers, and scanners. Along with learning the basic terminology, use of the mouse, and hardware components, students will learn the skills needed to use the desktop, work with the taskbar, and find files. Topics covered, but not limited to, include: terminology, entering and editing text, creating and modifying databases, using and building queries, and generating reports.

Pricing and availability for this course are subject to change.

Sessions:  10
Tuition:  $190
Course Fees:  $150

HCG 200 06 M01/22/18-03/26/1813:00-16:00MAIN TC D306 JONES jone5391@cecil.edu
HCG 200 13 M02/05/18-04/09/1818:00-21:00MAIN TC D305 STAFF