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Freshman Composition (E) teaches students the skills necessary to read college-level texts critically and to write effective, persuasive, thesis-driven essays for various audiences. The majority of writing assignments require students to respond to and synthesize texts (written and visual) through analysis and/or evaluation. Students also learn how to conduct academic research, navigate the library’s resources, and cite sources properly. The course emphasizes the revision process by integrating self-evaluation, peer response, small-group collaboration, and individual conferences. Additionally, students are offered guided practice in appropriate style, diction, grammar, and mechanics. Beyond completing multiple readings, students produce a minimum of 7,500 words, approximately 5,000 words of which are finished formal writing in four-five assignments, including a 2,000-word persuasive research essay. 3 credits Pre-requisites: C or better in COL081 and EGL093 or equivalent skills assessment   View Syllabus (pdf)

Pricing and availability for this course are subject to change.

Credits:  3
Prerequisites:  EGL 093 ,  EGL 100 ,  REA 100
Tuition:   Cecil County Residents - $327
  Other Maryland Residents - $609
  Non-Maryland Residents - $753
  Course Fees:  $35
  Registration Fee*:  $75/semester
  Student Development Fee**:  $8/credit hour
  *$35 discount on registration fee for early registrations
  **Not charged for Summer session or approved senior citizens

EGL 101 02 MR01/16/18-05/07/1810:00-11:25MAIN CCC A218 SYMONDS
EGL 101 03 MR01/16/18-05/07/1810:00-11:25MAIN AS C359 LEVI
EGL 101 03 A MR01/16/18-05/07/1810:00-11:25MAIN AS C359 LEVI
EGL 101 04 MR01/16/18-05/07/1812:00-13:25MAIN TC D304 HELM
EGL 101 05 MR01/16/18-05/07/1814:00-15:25MAIN TC D305 SYMONDS
EGL 101 06 MR01/16/18-05/07/1814:00-15:25MAIN TC D304 SHAY
EGL 101 07 TF01/16/18-05/07/1808:00-09:25MAIN TC D304 LEVI
EGL 101 07 A TF01/16/18-05/07/1808:00-09:25MAIN TC D304 LEVI
EGL 101 08 TF01/16/18-05/07/1810:00-11:25MAIN AS C359 LEVI
EGL 101 10 TF01/16/18-05/07/1812:00-13:25MAIN AS C359 GASPARE
EGL 101 10 A TF01/16/18-05/07/1812:00-13:25MAIN AS C359 GASPARE
EGL 101 13 M01/16/18-05/07/1818:00-20:50MAIN TC D306 HELM
EGL 101 15 W01/16/18-05/07/1809:00-11:50MAIN TC D304 ORSI
EGL 101 16 W01/16/18-05/07/1812:00-14:50MAIN TC D308 ORSI
EGL 101 18 R01/16/18-05/07/1818:30-21:20MAIN AS C358 LUTWYCHE
EGL 101 21 MR01/16/18-05/07/1808:00-09:25MAIN AS C358 TAGG
EGL 101 Z1  01/16/18-05/07/18 ONLIN000 00000WEISS
EGL 101 Z2  02/26/18-05/07/18 ONLIN000 00000WEISS
EGL 101 Z3  01/16/18-05/07/18 ONLIN000 00000WEISS