CHM 113  -  GENERAL CHEMISTRY I LAB Course Search  

General Chemistry I Laboratory will expose students to proper chemistry laboratory procedures and demonstrate certain principles of chemistry, including accurate measurement and data collection, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, energy relationships via calorimetry, quantitative analysis via spectrophotometry, and the nature of gases. 1 credit Co-requisite: CHM103   View Syllabus (pdf)

Pricing and availability for this course are subject to change.

Credits:  1
Corequisites:  CHM 103
Tuition:   Cecil County Residents - $109
  Other Maryland Residents - $203
  Non-Maryland Residents - $251
  Course Fees:  $55
  Registration Fee*:  $75/semester
  Student Development Fee**:  $8/credit hour
  *$35 discount on registration fee for early registrations
  **Not charged for Summer session or approved senior citizens

CHM 113 01 T01/16/18-05/07/1810:00-12:55MAIN AS C417 CARNEY
CHM 113 02 T01/16/18-05/07/1818:40-21:35MAIN AS C417 ELLERTON
CHM 113 03 R01/16/18-05/07/1814:00-17:00MAIN AS C417 ROPER
CHM 113 04 F01/16/18-05/07/1810:00-12:55MAIN AS C417 CARNEY
CHM 113 01 TR05/21/18-07/12/1812:00-14:55MAIN AS C417 KERN
  R 08/25/18-12/15/18 10:00-13:00 MAIN AS C417  
CHM 113 02 M08/25/18-12/15/1810:00-12:55MAIN AS C417 CARNEY
CHM 113 03 T08/25/18-12/15/1818:30-21:30MAIN AS C417 ELLERTON
CHM 113 04 T08/25/18-12/15/1810:00-13:00MAIN AS C417 ROPER