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Microbiology (S) surveys the roles of microorganisms in today’s environment. We examine the history and development of microbiology, survey the diversity of microbes, and compare the structures of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. Metabolic processes such as fermentation, photosynthesis, aerobic and anaerobic respiration are studied. Beneficial microbes and epidemiology are discussed. We will examine the growing role of microbes, through bioengineering and immunology, in maintaining our environmental and personal health. 3 credits Pre-requisite: None Co-requisite: BIO210   View Syllabus (pdf)

Pricing and availability for this course are subject to change.

Credits:  3
Prerequisites:  MAT 093 ,  MAT 097 ,  MAT 095
Corequisites:  BIO 210 ,  EGL 101
Tuition:   Cecil County Residents - $327
  Other Maryland Residents - $609
  Non-Maryland Residents - $753
  Course Fees:  $35
  Registration Fee*:  $75/semester
  Student Development Fee**:  $8/credit hour
  *$35 discount on registration fee for early registrations
  **Not charged for Summer session or approved senior citizens

BIO 200 01 MR01/16/18-05/07/1808:30-09:55MAIN TC D218 WARWICK
BIO 200 02 TF01/16/18-05/07/1808:30-09:55MAIN TC D416 WARWICK
BIO 200 03 MW01/16/18-05/07/1818:00-19:25MAIN TC D414 LAVERTY
BIO 200 01 MTWR05/21/18-06/27/1816:00-18:00MAIN TC D221 WARWICK
  MR 08/25/18-12/15/18 08:30-09:55 MAIN TC D416  
BIO 200 02 TF08/25/18-12/15/1808:30-09:55MAIN TC D416 WARWICK
BIO 200 03 MW08/25/18-12/15/1818:00-19:25MAIN TC D414 LAVERTY